Welcome to Ellorien, a setting being designed for D&D Next. The older, nWoD version of Ellorien can be found at  This project began on 7/12/2014.  It is currently a work-in-progress.

What Is This?Edit

D&D Next is a fantasy roleplaying system created by Wizards of the Coast.  The basic rules can legally downloaded here for free.  Ellorien is a fantasy world created by Laurel Artemis Stuart in 2013. Originally, it was created for an online roleplaying room using a modified version of the nWoD system created by White Wolf Games.  With the publication of the D&D Next basic rules, Laurel began working on a new version of Ellorien which could possibly be published in 2015 under the OGL or Open Game License.  This wiki should be considered a work-in-progress.

Table of ContentsEdit

Brief World History

Ellorien Player Races

Ellorien Player Classes

The Kingdoms of Ellorien

Planar Realms of Ellorien

Gods of Ellorien

Ellorien Beastiary

Latest activityEdit

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Ellorien Globe3

Ellorien World Map

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